Friday, 8 July 2011

Tindora\Dondakaya Curry


  • Tindora\dondakaya : 2 lbs

  • Onion : 1

  • Ginger : a medium piece

  • Fresh\frozen coconut powder : 2 Tbs

  • Green Chilies : 5

  • Salt

  • All ingredients of Tadaka\popu


  • In a kadai add oil . Do the tempering. Now add chopped onion let it fry for 2-3 min.

  • Add chopped tindora, and little water.Let it cook.In the mean time grind ginger, green chilies, enough salt,coconut powder to a smooth paste.

  • Once tindora is perfectly cooked add ginger and green chili paste and give a toss.Let it cook for few mins.

Serve with rice and a drop of ghee.Rice mixed with plain dal and the curry tastes awesome.

Give a try :)

Note: You can pressure cook tindora pieces separately and add popu.


  1. looks delicious, I used to make in this way with addition of Raw peanuts..

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  2. i never tried this way..madhuri..looks delicious will gve a try...
    Thanks for sharing..

  3. lookig tasty we do not cook this veg try it
    i am happy to follow u and hope the same from ur side to share our ideas