Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tried and Tasted Event - Monsoonspice

     I am happy and excited to host Tried and Tasted event in my spice as this is my first event... "Tried & Tasted" (T&T) is a monthly event started by Zlamushka of SpicyKitchen and was taken over by Lakshmi's Kitchen Chronicles. Every month recipes from one particular blog will be "Tried and Tasted". This month's blog is Sia's Monsoonspice. Her blog has very good collection of vegetarian recipes.

What is expected  for this "Tried and Tasted" event ?
  • Try out any recipe from Sia's Monsoonspice
  • Stay as true to the original recipe(s) as possible. Therefore, there is no need for re-posting it, simply link to the original post.  Linking to the original recipe is a must.
  • There is no time-frame for the original recipe. It can be a very old post or a very new one.
  • Have you cooked any item from this site before? As this event is all about tasting and reflecting on the taste, older posts are also welcome. Just Repost it to the present date and mention T&T event.
  • Link your post to HERE (feel free to use the logo) and to Lakshmi's announcement post Tried & Tasted Event
  • If you are a non blogger or if you have any issues in linking up, please send an email to (satyascooking(at)gmail(dot)com) with  the following details:
                      Subject: Tried and Tasted
                      Your name:
                  Your post URL as well as the original URL:
                  Picture (300px by height, please)
  • Send me the posted entries on or before May 15th, 2013. 
  • The use of logo is very much appreciated, since it will help in spreading the word about the event.
  • Non-bloggers are more than welcome to participate (after all, our posts are mainly being written for them). Simply e-mail me with your experience of what you cooked. 
  • Interested in hosting this even in future, please contact Lakshmi @ venkateshlakshmi7(at)gmail(dot).com.


  1. Thanks a lot for hosting the event Satya.

  2. Happy Hosting...i will send some entry...Happy to follow you..
    Simply Delicious

  3. Nice event , happy hosting !

  4. Iam very new to food blogging satya,can I also participaye??sorry if the question is silly :)