Monday, 14 September 2009

poori with aloo curry

Poori with aloo curry is a great combination.It tastes yummy too.

To prepare poori

  • Wheat flour : 1 cup
  • Water
  • Salt
  • S00ji rava : 3 tb sp
  • Oil: for deep fry


  • Take a mixing bowl.add wheat flour, salt, sooji rava and mix well.If you add sooji rava, pooris will be crispy for long time than normal.
  • Slowly add water and prepare soft dough.Rest dough for 15 min, covered.
  • Now take a kadai.Take enough oil for deep fry.
  • Make dough in small lemon size balls, and roll round shape.They should neither be thick nor thin.
  • Heat oil.When oil is hot, add prepared poori.Fry them.While frying gently press on puri with spatula or spoon, so that they will puff up well.When it completely done, take on to a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
  • Repeat the procedure for remaining.

To prepare aloo curry:


  • Potato : 1 big
  • Onion : 1 big
  • Green chilies :4
  • Ginger : 2inches pod
  • Besan flour : 2 tb sp
  • Channa Dal : 1 tb sp
  • Turmeric : 1 t sp
  • Urad Dal : 1 t sp
  • Mustard seeds : 1 t sp
  • Cumin seeds : 1 t sp
  • Curry leaves : 10
  • Coriander leaves : 2 strings(optional)
  • Salt
  • Oil


  • Chop potato, green chilies.Chop onion vertically and keep aside.In small bowl, add little water and besan flour.
  • Now take a thick bottom vessel.Add 3 tb sp of oil.When it is hot add Channa Dal, urad Dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves.
  • Add onion and green chilies and saute till onions are transparent.Add turmeric.
  • Now add potato pieces, little water and cook till they are cooked.Check water in between.Take care that potato not be mushy.
  • Add enough salt.Take besan flour bowl, and mix it without any lumps.
  • Add besan flour water to the curry and mix well.
  • Bring it to boil, it takes 2 mins after adding flour water.Switch off the stove.
  • On top add coriander leaves serve with poori.

You can sprinkle little lemon juice too on top if you prefer.


  1. Wow...that's an all time favourite combo...looks yum...

  2. Hey Madhuri,Thanks for yesterdays Pulao recepie ,will make it today.This morning thought of making poori and aloo curry so it reminded me of you yummy dish.So plunged into your site.Thanks for the recepie ra.