Friday, 1 May 2009

Double ka Meetha with Wheat Bread

This recipe i browsed from the net but it was with normal bread but i did this with whole wheat bread.


  • Whole Wheat Bread : 5 slices
  • Milk : 200ml
  • Cashews :15
  • Raisins : 15
  • Sugar : 1/2 cup
  • Butter/ghee : for frying


  • Take bread slices and cut the brown edges and leave it open till the moisture in the bread is gone.
  • Take a vessel add 1/2 glass water and sugar and prepare thick mixture on medium heat.Adjust the sugar according to taste.
  • Now fold the bread slice diagonally(opposite sides touch each other) and cut in the middle.Cut each diagonal slice to 2 pieces.

  • Now take a wide pan and melt butter.When butter is melted add cashews and raisins and fry till they turn to brown color.First cashews, after few min raisins.
  • Take off the cashews into a bowl.Now add bread pieces and fry them till they are fried and turned into brown color.If required add butter or ghee in the middle.
  • Now in the sugar mixture and dip a fried slice completely and keep it on a plate.Repeat the same for all the slices.
  • Now on top of those dipped slices add boiled milk and fried cashews and raisins.
  • Leave for 5-10 and serve .

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