Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Uses of lemon

Ha, it's summer time.Every one search for coolness in food and atmosphere.A glass of lemon juice after a household work or a return to home after office gives full energy.Lemons play a important role in Indian cooking.
Hmm.... the aroma of lemon leaves freshness around the place.No household is complete without a lemon on hand.Try to choose that are heavy , with a bright yellow color and fresh scent.
Here are the few uses of lemon in our regular household work:
  • Rub cutting board with a lemon to remove odor.
  • After you have juiced the lemon, put the left out rind in the cooker while cooking.This turns inside bottom to clean and shiny.
  • Put the rind in hot water while taking bath and leave it for few min.And take bath with that water, it gives freshness.
  • Put a piece of lemon in refrigerator open to prevent odours.Apply and massage on hair and leave for 30min before taking head bath.This reduces dandruff.
  • Apply on neck and hands and leave for few min and clean it off.This reduces darkness and cleans neck part.
  • Dip a lemon half in sugar and use to soften rough feet and elbows.
  • Dry the rinds completely along with peel of orange, pomegranate and powder it.This can be used as natural scrub.
  • Clean the copper pots or rust stains with a lemon dipped in salt.
  • Store the lemon juice by adding a spoon of salt in it.

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